Lawlessmen Sleeveless Hoodie


This is the Lawlessmen Black, Cotton and Polyester, Sleeveless, Metal zip fronted, Double pocket Hoodie




Lawlessmen, Black Cotton and Polyester, Metal zip fronted, double pocket,  Sleeveless Hoodie. The Lawlessmen Logo in Copper is printed on the left breast.

On the back is printed the Full-length Lawlessmen Logo, and just above the waistband is printed the Lawlessmen name and Creed in Copper.

Made from Cotton and Polyester for comfort and practical everyday use, or,  as a Sweat cover in the gym.

There is a stitched headphone lead hole in the right pocket to keep trailing headphone leads inside the hoodie and out of the way.

Throw the Hoodie on with a Lawlesmen Tshirt underneath, or wear it next to the skin, the cotton will absorb sweat and when you are done just throw it in the wash and it is good to go again.

The Lawlessmen Logo on the front is understated but if anyone is confused as to what brand you are wearing, then as you walk by they will see the Full-length Lawlessmen Logo in the brand colour, Copper in the centre of your back, and beneath that, the unmistakable Lawlessmen name and Creed.


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Black Lawlessmen, Sleeveless Hoodie

Black, Cotton, Polyester, Sleeveless, metal zip fronted, double pocket, Hoodie, in sizes Medium, Large and XL

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Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small