Moustache Wax Comb


The Lawlessmen Moustache Wax Tail comb has been developed by Lawlessmen as a very practical and inexpensive moustache wax scraper and applicator, helping you get the wax out of the tin.

The comb is just 70mm in length, the tail being 25mm.


We suggest that you use the comb like this.

Open your tin of Lawlessmen moustache wax
Take the Lawlessmen moustache wax comb and using the tail of the comb, run the back edge of it around the outer edge of the wax where it will be softer.
When you have the amount you think you need, furrowed on the tip of the tail, with your thumb and forefinger take the wax off the tail and share equally with the thumb and forefinger of your other hand.
Soften the wax further with the warmth of you fingers and apply to your moustache, use the Lawlessmen comb to then distribute as required through your moustache, shape and sculpt.


If you carry your moustache wax with you in your pocket to top up then the wax will remain soft and easy to get out of the tin with the Lawlessmen Moustache Wax Tail Comb, the comb is small and will take up no more room in your pocket than the wax tin.

If however you apply once a day, say in the morning then we suggest you follow the instructions on the tin and just drop the whole unopened tin into the sink with some hot water in it whilst you moisturise or do whatever else it is you do in the morning.